Factoring Finance Ltd - Commercial Finance and Factoring Broker based on The Wirral

  • Factoring Finance Ltd have more than 30 years experience in finding the best invoice and asset backed finance solutions for UK business.

    We have a UK wide, independant broker network and access to numerous sector specialists ranging from export and manufacturing to construction and recruitment.

    Factoring Finance can start unlocking the potential in your business, free up the cash in your outstanding invoices and/or assets and leave you to put more time and resources into your business.

    Factoring Finance Ltd are independant brokers and as such, are not tied to any Factoring, Invoice Finance, or other Commercial Finance provider. While we are based in the North West, our broker network extends across all of the UK.

    f you want to know more about: Factoring, Invoice Finance, Invoice Discounting, or wish to discuss other small business loan and finance options simply give us a call or visit the site.

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    Factoring Finance Ltd, are very pleased to be launching our new web site.