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  • Small Business spend increase for web marketing

    More and more SMEs are dedicating large amounts of time, creativity and resources into developing online marketing strategies that could see their corporate counterparts learning a lesson or two. In a recent survey by the B2 Group, some 44% of SME ...read full article»

  • So what is duplicate content?

    Last month, Google was granted a new patent with the name ‘Duplicate document detection in a web crawler system’. The patent explains how a content filter from the search engine can work with a duplicate content server, which in itself ...read full article»

  • Freebies and Special Deals that can damage your business.

    Faced with a protracted recession, an increasing number of UK small businesses are resorting to a potentially high-risk strategy of costly promotions and freebies. Whilst a promotional strategy can attract the attention of potential customers, there are some due considerations before ...read full article»

  • iPhone now in Orange

    Previously, all things iPhone were the solely at the hands of O2, which has been Apple’s exclusive partner since the iPhone launched in the UK in November 2007. However, Orange - which claims to have the largest 3G network in the ...read full article»

  • T-Mobile, a Viral, an Advert, both?

    In the creative industry there is as lot of discussion at present as to whether the recent televised ads from T-Mobile are viral or not? Viral's, are usually distributed person to person via email, blue tooth or word of mouth ...read full article»